Active privacy for multiple devices

Connecting your router with your VPN provides enormous benefits when it comes to online privacy because as long as your router is on, your VPN is turned on. You can also connect almost any Wi-Fi or Ethernet device to your router, so it stays protected. You can also connect as many devices as you want, all in one account. Great!

Do you use game consoles or Smart TV?

Although you are protected on all main platforms, not every existing device has its interface or ability to use a VPN. So if you want to use your VPN in your game console, media player or smart TV, you need to configure it directly from your router.

How do I set up a VPN on my router?

There are basically 2 approaches to this. You can purchase a new router configuration specifically for the job or install one on your existing router.

Both should be possible, but you'll need to check the compatibility.

How do I know if a router is compatible?

FlashRouters is specialized in this and can not only tell you if a router is compatible, but also support more than 45 popular router models. If your current router is one of them, they can assist in the flashing process and provide  support for the router

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